Matt Elleray – “Talk Baby”


Somewhere in the midst of King Krule’s darkly developing soundscapes, Mac DeMarco’s suave psych-friendly delivery, and Dent May’s funk-laden infectiousness, Matt Elleray’s stylistic approach lives. Simultaneously infectious and atmospheric, his new track “Talk Baby” showcases  late-night romantic yearning over a funk rhythm, in-command vocals, and guitars that range from minimalist rhythmic backing to a funk-ified lead. While the aforementioned comparisons popped up in my mind, there’s no doubting that Elleray is crafting a uniquely engaging sound, with several nostalgic touching stones that aid in the accessibility factor. Both cool and melodically successful, “Talk Baby” shows an impressive degree of character and hooks to warrant many replays.

Several other worthwhile tracks from Elleray’s Soundcloud can be streamed below, with the year-old and more peppy “Fairground Lights” (reminding of Alex Turner) showing the singer/songwriter as having explored darker and more richly intoxicating soundscapes in the past year or so.

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