SANT – “Indimellem”


With a spacey opening synth progression and otherworldly creeping vocals comprising the beginning of “Indimellem”, it doesn’t take long to become engrossed by the sound of this Danish five-piece. SANT – from Aarhus, Denmark – take pride in utilizing “the depth and haunting sound of the Danish language, similar to fellow Danish band Under Byen, although more guitar and synth-driven.” “Indimellem” in particular was recorded as a part of the Tapetown Live Singles release at Lydhavnen in Aarhus. The track shows wonderful developmental prowess; it builds up with a hypnotic bustle the first two minutes, with the fluttering synth arpeggio and swelling guitar distortion culminating beautifully thereafter. The best moment – or at least my favorite – occurs around 03:18, when a slight melodic shift coincides with the backing distortion and spacey, Stranger Things-like synth tones in absolutely blissful form. This is a wonderful track from a very talented group from Denmark that gets even better as it goes along.

Mike Mineo

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