Simon Benegas – “Sun”


Simon Benegas is a rising singer/songwriter originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina – and is now based out of New York. While attending the Berklee College of Music, he discovered a great passion for songwriting, partly fueled by a rather intimidating new location. Isolating himself somewhat in music, Benegas formed a very worthwhile musical identity that comes out in highly melodic and clear form on his two new EPs, The Age of Simple and Feel It Grow. The former, his first release, features twinkling acoustic gems like “Remember”, where he sings of finding comfort in the unfamiliar over a very amiable twinkling acoustical accompaniment. The newest, , sees Simon continuing to work with his band – the Simon Benegas Project – where he shows nice developmental ability on efforts like the evolving “Sun” and “One Desire”, which builds up nicely in its first three minutes into a beautifully expansive result, with Fleet Foxes harmonic vibes.

Both releases show a very promising singer/songwriter whose future releases promise similar quality. Stream both EPs below:

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