Sluka – “Higher”


San Diego-based group Christopher Sluka is a prolific act with ten studio albums, the most recent being Introversions, which will feature music videos for all 13 tracks (compiled on a Blu-ray release this November). His rock-oriented sound has captured the attention of audiences ranging from the US to Japan, where he released two further albums. His powerful voice is a constant in all the tracks, with his sound generally rooted in darkly atmospheric yet hook-y ’80s rock/pop elegance, with a Bowie-like vocal quiver on tracks like “Higher”. The dual vocal performances on that track in particular, combined with the Gothic acoustic twang, results in one of my favorite efforts on the album. “Doctor Strangelove” – whose video is featured below- is another winner, with the slap bass, live feel, and appealing vocals meshing nicely alongside distant guitar solos and an easily digestible central hook.

Stream the rest of Introversions from Sluka and his band below:

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