AGENCY – “Evaporate”


“How much love can evaporate before I become a storm?” is asked poignantly during “Evaporate”, a chilling new track from mysterious act AGENCY that shows the project’s emotionally powerful and atmospheric R&B presence. Droplets of piano combine with smooth vocals in a stylistic vein that sits somewhere between James Blake and Frank Ocean. The track is off their upcoming album Politikarma, out November 8th on Anticodon Records. Not much at all is known about the Maine-based project, though they do elaborate on their approach:

You will learn more through the stories presented in song. We cover the human experience: a wealth of material shedding light on our loves, our regrets, our hopes, and our fears. We are just two humans who shed our tears through instruments and occasionally shout for joy. We are not defined by our bodies or what we like to eat or what kinds of pets we have at home. Or the places we travel. We are defined by song.

Stream another recently released track, “New Americana”, below:

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