Bedroom Days – “Time Well Spent”


Bedroom Days is the project of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Matteo Russo, whose debut album It’s Gone; You’re Gone was recently released. The album’s first phase was written as stripped-down acoustic or piano songs in the summer of 2015, with aid from producer Cody Christian of Seahaven and 12 other musicians helping bring the arrangements to life. The result is a stimulating listen, filled with drawing melodies, dazzling piano/guitar compositions, and delightful bursts of brass. All of this is apparent on album cut “Time Well Spent”, where Russo delivers a great vocal performance over twangy guitars and slight keys, with a great brass addition emerging around 03:17. His vocals just before this exude an emotionally raw vibe akin to Bright Eyes, while the twangy folk exterior and yearning lyrical emphasis reminds of acts like David Bazan and Ryan Adams. Comparisons aside, it’s a great original introduction from Bedroom Days.

Stream the entirety of Bedroom Days’ new album below:

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