Company Vacation – “Will I Go to Hell”


Utah Valley singer/songwriter Kyle Benson fronts the project Company Vacation, whose track “Will I Go to Hell” reminds fondly of Sufjan Stevens in the creaking acoustics, gentle piano flourishes, and enjoyably frail vocals. The spurts of light brass and the gentle touch of a female accompanying harmony works exceedingly well as they both ask “will I go to hell?” It’s a moving and calming effort from this talented act. Benson, who wrote previously for space operas and punk acts, prides his songwriting in mixing “storytelling with mid-life crisis, riddling lo-fi songs with internal struggle in an orthodox confessional style.” His new album, Expectations, is “about learning who you are after loss.” It will be released on October 7th, and is also preceded by the track’s music video on their Facebook page.

Mike Mineo

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