DREAMS ETC – “In the Unknown”


DREAMS ETC did well in releasing their new track “In the Unknown” in October, as everything from the quivering vocals to the brooding bass and ghostly lingering synth exudes a vibe fitting of All Hallows’ Eve. It’s a nice and chilling slice of atmospheric pop, with a vocal approach that reminds of Lana Del Rey’s effective yearning and production that sounds a cross between Crystal Castles and a horror film soundtrack. Specifically, the group says the track is “about the space in our minds that we go to when we’re afraid, when we escape our reality – the Unknown – and that however lonely this place feels, many others have docked there before and we are never truly alone. In more raw terms, it is about dealing with depression and abuse and sending a supportive message to those who are in the Unknown at this very moment.”

This excellent track captures that sentiment very effectively, exuding heaps of genuine atmosphere in addition to an enthralling vocal presence.

Mike Mineo

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