Posted October 20, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Farewell Teddy – “Huxley, Party of One”


The duo of James Daniel Brown and Nathaniel David comprise indie-rock project Farewell Teddy, which is based out of Atlanta. The rousing “Huxley, Party of One” is off their full-length debut album Brave New World’s Fair, which released this past August. Acoustical stabs complement nonchalant vocals to begin, with the emotion picking up alongside the sporadic strings and climatic percussive stomps that steadily emerge. The track gradually comes to life, rising from an understated slumber and ascending into a fully captivating chorus (which reminds me of The Veils, stylistically). The track takes a gorgeous orchestral twist around 02:20, unveiling a stunning hook that is chill-inducing. It’s a beautiful piece of songwriting that balances stomping infectious appeal with heart-tugging orchestral whimsy.

This is an excellent effort from this Atlanta-based duo. Stream their full album in full below:

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