Jackie Zealous – “Seek and Destroy” + “Olympia”


Jackie Zealous are a trio from Santa Cruz, CA producing a likable vein of indie-rock with warm, hook-y choruses and a dose of darkly entrancing soundscapes, inspired by the songwriting of Marc Bolan. “Olympia” is the opening track off their newly released debut LP, Psychic Data, and shows this well. Halted trickling verses lead into a series of bridges and choruses that feature soaring guitars and melodic backing vocals, the latter aspect reminiscent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre in its complementary allure. The more laid-back “Seek and Destroy” sounds demonstrative of the group’s admiration for Bolan, as the vocals here resemble his┬ámore subdued T.Rex tracks. The fluttering and jangle of the guitars work excellently throughout, with intermittent emphasis on a twangy guitar lead. It’s the moodier of the two, with both succeeding in their own infectious ways. Their new 10-track album, released on September 9th, is certainly recommended.


Mike Mineo

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