Marco Cinelli – “You Watched Me Movin'”


“You Watched Me Movin'” is a funk-laden mover with a full-bodied sound, featuring a devastating hook/chorus that swells with gradual strings as charismatic vocals plead lines like “you watch me dyin'”, “you got me crawlin'” and other yearnings. The track’s creator, Marco Cinelli, has written for a variety of musicians throughout Europe, working with acts from Spain, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, and the US on production and songwriting. Cinelli was born in Italy and presently is based out of Paris, singing in English with a catchy guitar-led style that shows plenty of soul and funk as well throughout “You Watched Me Movin'”. It’s a polished effort, and one that shows the easily accessible songwriting smarts of Cinelli well.

Stream the rest of his new EP below:

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