Nick Valentini Collective – “Worms”

The Nick Valentini Collective is comprised of eight talented musicians based in Los Angeles, who blend together elements of psychedelic soul, jazz, and rock. New track “Worms” shows this sound well, with a briskly moving piano and soulful vocal lead paving the way. The punchy piano lines in the verses remind of The Style Council, no stranger to soulfully infectious hybrids of this ilk. The central chorus scales the pace back a bit, with Valentini’s vocals soaring high. 03:24 onward is quite lush — with a tasteful piano line and ballad-form vocal yearnings wrapping this up tidily, closing with enthralling brass and strings. Structurally alive and melodically powerful, “Worms” is a great showing from this eight-piece.

“Worms” is off the group’s debut album, which will be released this fall. Of that album, Valentini says it was “inspired by the beauty of experimentation and the eagerness to explore endless possibilities through voice and music. There is opportunity to grow as people and individuals by simply trying new things.”

Mike Mineo

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