Night Drifting – “This Is War”


“This Is War” is a just-released track from Night Drifting, who has already impressed with “Just Because” and “Language of Losing“. “Just Because” touted an understated beauty with glistening gentle keys and serene vocals, while “Laguage of Losing” showed a nocturnal vibe with yearning backing synths and a tinge of ’70s western flicks. “This Is War” is certainly the most bustling of the bunch from Amit Pandey/Night Drifting, showing a sound from the get-go with climactic guitars and percussion that compares to soaring Bruce Springsteen slice-of-Americana gems. Hold Steady comparisons are also evident as a result, especially for the “this is war” chorus. The most fleeting of the trio, all these track show Night Drifting as a very talented project with considerable range. “This Is War” is a fun one that’s ideal to help shake an early-week slump.

Mike Mineo

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