One Sentence. Supervisor – “Algo Rhythm”



Released just last week by Swiss post-punk group One Sentence. Supervisor, “Algo Rhythm” is the first track unveiled from the group’s upcoming album Temporär Musik 1-13, which will release October 28th on Sister Records. Based out of Baden, Switzerland, the group touts a heavy ’80s rock feel, with active guitar lines and a very focused rhythm section that reminds of The Chameleons UK, and moments like the repeating vocal cue around the two-minute mark reminding of wonderfully nostalgic post-punk tendencies. Their sound takes the genre’s shimmering direction over potential darkness, with the guitars bursting with charisma and the vocals assuming a more laid-back role. The final 30 seconds swells with wonderfully executed cut-up vocal hypnotics and soaring guitars. “Algo Rhythm” is an excellent track from a group whose upcoming album I’m greatly anticipating.

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