San Ographer – “Ms. Outlaw”



With the spacey synth arpeggio and nostalgic melody brimming through from the get-go on new track “Ms. Outlaw”, it’s likely not too surprising that San Ographer’s newest effort was inspired by the Netflix original Stranger Things. I’ve definitely seen an uptick in submissions attempting this ’80s-friendly aesthetic since the show’s release – and I’m really enjoying it – though rarely do they incorporate an enticingly original sound into the mix, like San Ographer does here. Just past the Stranger Things-like intro, his vocal chops pursue more M83 and Neon Indian territory, where hazy funk becomes apparent in the best of infectious ways.

The project is the alias for Brooklyn-based producer Paul Moya, who has steadily building a substantial following on the East Coast after well-received shows in NYC, Albany, and upstate. With vibrant and utterly infectious successes like “Ms. Outlaw”, the growing number of fans isn’t surprising.

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