Section – “Bybird”


Section is the moniker of writer/producer Danny Belgrad, a 21-year-old studying philosophy at Yale University who crafts hazy, ethereal indie-pop laced with dreamy synths and somber melodies. On his inviting new track “Bybird”, acoustic strums and playful synth keys establish a very engaging beginning as the vocals arrive at 00:52. The vocal tone reminds a bit of Michael Stipe’s, which considering the restrained and melodically developmental vibe plays well. Subtle melodic variation – the “try so hard” repetition around 01:50 – is effective. The lack of variation in the melody at this point results in a hypnotic quality, an apt fit for the track’s serene and touchingly subdued flow.

“I’ve been writing music on guitar and piano for many years, but never sought out to self-produce music,” Belgrad explains. “At a certain point, I became enthralled with the idea of realizing a singular creative vision in music, something that I felt was the defining characteristic of current indie music. To that end, I began producing and mixing music in early January.” Citing acts like Radiohead, Wilco, Grimes, and Tame Impala as chief influences and inspirations, Belgrad shows fantastic potential as a songwriter and producer.

Mike Mineo

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