Posted October 4, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

The Foxfires – “Reawakening”


Warm guitar jangles and a very steady rhythm section help comprise an inviting beginning to “Reawakening”, with the vocal emergence around 00:48 sounding crisp and airy. With the intro down pat, the track navigates nicely in power-pop/alt-rock form to the fun guitar-based bridge just past the one-minute mark. The verses comfortably return, with the “you forget what you get when you get what you get” hook playing nicely prior to the tropical-like guitar licks around 02:30. I’m enjoying that central hook, as well as the guitar adornments and phaser-friendly production that follows it. This is a very tightly constructed indie-rock effort that reminds me a bit of The Hold Steady; the jam-friendly conclusion adds nicely to it all as well and shows the band’s high level of musicianship.

Stream the rest of The Foxfires’ new full-length, Reawakening, below:

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