Toy Savoy – “Morning”


Norwegian five-piece Toy Savoy impress mightily on new track “Morning”, which aptly begins in sunrise-like fashion as fluttering guitars and an xylophone-like whirlwind awaken the shimmering effort. The soaring vocals that emerge at 00:49 are crisp and clean, with a gentle synth warble pulsation just below. The first hook – “in time I find” – incorporates inventive percussive pit-pattering with developing ruminations from the vocals and guitars, which almost resemble a math-rock dexterity at points.

Overall, this is a theatrically evolving and easy-flowing effort, especially during the calm verses. The final two minutes or so show a thunderously impressive instrumental emphasis, traversing into anthemic post-rock territory with ample fervor. This is an eclectic and passionate new track from Toy Savoy, who are doing their city of Trondheim very proud.

Mike Mineo

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