Wild Leaves – “Fallen Robin”


“Fallen Robin” is the first single from Wild Leaves’ upcoming 10-track LP. It was recorded on a Tascam 388 and mastered by TW Walsh, with the style showing a twangy and psychedelic take on psych-folk. There’s a sense of nostalgia in the lush verses with the tugging strings, as well as the timeless-sounding production and soaring range of the vocals. “You are not some fallen robin,” the chorus starts over developing guitar twangs and multiple-layered vocals. These backing vocals provide a nice rhythmic accompaniment in the second section of this chorus, ending with “it’s not yours alone to bare.” This is a highly delightful new track that has me greatly anticipating Wild Leaves’ upcoming LP. We had previously featured their track “Wind & Rain” in 2013, so it’s great to hear from the five-piece again.

Wild Leaves will beĀ opening for Streets of Laredo at Brooklyn Bazaar on October 21st.

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