Rory McVicar – “The Act of Being Born”


Endearing guitar twangs and a warm vocal presence kick off “The Act of Being Born” in great form, reminding of The Divine Comedy/Neil Hannon in the engaging stylistic presentation. As comforting organs and a galloping rhythm section helps uplift a pleasant vocal melody and infectious brass spurts, the track’s theme becomes clear. “I wrote this song about the relationship I think my generation has in general with adulthood and responsibility, and in response to some of the crazy things that are going on in the world,” the London-based Rory McVicar explains. “That craziness is showing no signs of abating.”

String dissonance and electric guitar murmurs close things out in interesting form, showing the eclectic stylistic potential of McVicar’s songwriting. Having played live with the likes of Josh T. Pearson, Bat for Lashes and Jason Molina before, McVicar is already familiar to some, though an effort like this is sure to attract some new ears as well.

Mike Mineo

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