Charity Ekeke – “If the Roles Were Reversed”


Charity Ekeke’s love for music was strong even at an early age. While growing up in Nigeria, she used her gift money each week to buy a “Record Song Book” twice a year. The book contained songs by names like The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Nat King Cole, Tom Jones, and more, with Ekeke spending her spare time learning these songs next to her family’s turntable. Moving to the United States, events both domestic and abroad inspired her work as a songwriter, with ther new release She being a highly impressive one full of wise lyrical introspection and sound musicianship.

The hypnotic and infectiously rootsy “If the Roles Were Reversed”, according to Ekeke, is “an uplifting and exciting song with a sense of urgency that questions gender inequality with a call to action for everyone to do better.” Meanwhile, concern about the lives of prostitutes and teenage mothers drove Ekeke to write “Don’t Call Them”, while “These Times” touches on the topic of birth control. The crisis of Syrian migration prompted “Bloodline”, and the multiple forms of abuse women around the globe experience brought about “She Bears”. The entirety of She is lyrically focused despite touching on various topics, succeeding as a a timely and potent message for people around the world.

Stream She in full below:

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