Color You – “Lady In Blue”


“Lady In Blue” provides an immediate dose of ’90s nostalgia, its melody and structure sounding somehow simultaneously familiar and refreshing. The scaled-back hook at the 30-second mark works nicely, further enhancing the distortion-friendly power-pop that follows until 01:10, when a crunchy subdued section provides another interlude of sorts. And being stylistically true-to-heart, there’s a fun Weezer-esque guitar solo that follows, helping close out “Lady In Blue” as an exciting and no-doubt infectious effort. While predictable in a sense, “Lady In Blue” is a blast-from-the-past alt-rock success with an assortment of well-executed hooks. The act, formed in 2013 with roots from Northern Alabama/Southern California and currently residing in Los Angeles, looks to be on the rise.

Mike Mineo

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