Heavy Heart – “Teenage Witch”



Based out of London, dream-rock group Heavy Heart released their new track “Teenage Witch” aptly enough on Halloween. Immediately apparent is the rich contrast between serene vocals and muscular yet tonally receptive distorted guitars — concocting a sound similar to if Spiritualized had a female lead. With the bass chugging along as well, the track reaches an effervescent height around 01:43, when the vocals excitedly repeat “I want it” as the distortion picks up a bit for a whirring excitement of a melody. Elements of dream-pop, shoegaze, and textural-heavy alternative combine to make “Teenage Witch” a memorable success.

The group is presently releasing one song per month, and will be releasing the entire collection of songs from 2016 as a limited-edition vinyl in Spring 2017.

Mike Mineo

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