Henry Hall – “Comfort Zone”


Henry Hall’s music is generally engaging regardless of the moment, though it’s hitting especially well after a week like this. In the midst of so much unrest, his soaring falsetto, contagiously soaring melodies, and anxiety-touched perspective-filled lyrics prove a nice fit — or more aptly, provide a comfort zone of sorts.

New track “Comfort Zone” gently reminds listeners “Can’t be quite so bad / You’re not an 1890s Irish lad” over jangly guitars and bustling rhythms, like a more chilled-out Manic Street Preachers. The chorus – “Comfort zone is comfortable so I won’t push you angel, angel” – is sprinkled gently with a touch of atmospheric synths, helping aid the fresh and brisk rock formula (which finds some basis in ’90s jangly Brit-pop). Hall’s falsetto is entrancing throughout, providing a freshly optimistic bevvy of hooks, from the hook to the “stop complaining” bridge.

This is a comfort zone-inducing effort that provides a fresh burst of air for the weekend. The track is off his My Friends Don’t Like Me EP, which can be streamed in full below:

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