Lonely Benson – “Let Me Know”


I’ve had “Let Me Know” on repeat since it was submitted to me sometime last week. It went live yesterday, and to anyone listening the immediate appeal should be evident. The sixth track in a series of monthly releases from Lonely Benson, a Nashville-based act with a contagious vein of alternative lounge-rock, “Let Me Know” enforces the importance of disclosing infidelity, audibly via infectious brass-y spurts, a whimsical and melodically captivating vocal performance, and familiarly inviting song structure. “How does your garden grow? Let me know,” Lonely Benson pleads during the hook – an utterly fantastic one – showing a carefree amiability that’s echoed in the track’s engrossing melodic content.

Check out past monthly releases via Lonely Benson’s Soundcloud. He releases something new on the first day of every month, and it’s always quality.

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