Tender Glue – “Hope Street”

With hints of atmospheric distortion over soaring vocals and folk-laden acoustical build-ups, Tender Glue shows itself as a powerful project with new track “Hope Street”. It’s gritty yet very visible, alternating between moments of sparse acoustical beauty and enraged vocals colliding with whimpering distortion. The Brooklyn-based project is headed by Tom Gluewicki, who was originally born and raised in Poland and moved to New York in 2002.

Tender Glue released his debut EP, Wait For Steady Light, on September 25th, following several years of creating original music. The release “is a culmination of raw recordings, composed with minimal equipment, using the resources Tom had in his home. His new full-length album Steady Light, which was a continuation of the EP, was recently released on August 26th.”

“The inspiration of the song came from a personal experience with my job and many of the details originate from real scenarios, including the name of the street,” Gluewicki explains. “The ‘Hope Street’ video is a collaboration with an artist named Christian Haberkern. I reached out to him after I saw one of his videos and asked if I could use it for ‘Hope Street’. It’s interesting how the song gained deeper meaning with his video and how well it goes with the song.”

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