Posted November 25, 2016 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Von Sell – “Ivan (Revisited)”


This dazzling new track from NYC-based Von Sell packs a big-time, infectious sound led by passionate vocals, whirring synth arps, and a colorful feel that leads into a brisk hook – “you’ve got yourself a girlfriend” – that packs ample replay value. Hot Chip comes to mind as an amiable stylistic reference point.

On the track, Von Sell says: “I had finished a first draft of ‘Ivan’ early last year. At that point I had never released any music before, however my friends urged me to put this track out there – as is! So I caved, and debuted with a quasi-demo version of the track; the reception was overwhelming and confirmed for me that I might be on to something with this whole Von Sell project. I always knew though that ‘Ivan’ wasn’t finished, and that eventually I wanted and needed to release a final and official version of the track. So here it is now.”

The final product is immediately engaging, and a great testament to the rising act’s sound, showcased previously with “Miss Me“.

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