Danophone – “Frightened For”

Rollicking acoustics, natural hand percussion, and approachable vocals comprise a very welcoming arsenal throughout Danophone’s new album Rerun, led off by highlight “Frightened For”. Danphone, the musical side project of Danish science journalist Carsten Nielsen, is something he uses as an “emotional counterweight to the fact based world of research and technology.” “It’s you, I’m frightened for,” he sings here during the effective hook, with the twangy acoustics and subtle melodic shift here proving resoundingly effective. While album cuts like “Copenhagen Club” and “City of the Kings” certainly showcase a more rock-centric style, the mood is always amiable and anthemic in a sense, with a love for acoustics. The Hold Steady come to mind as a stylistic comparison at points, and nicely so.

Stream Rerun in full below:

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