Turquoise Noise – “Matters of Fact”

Based out of Los Angeles, neo-psych-rock quintet Turquoise Noise just released their debut full-length this past Friday, featuring a variety of notable cuts. Starting with the group’s first single, “Wasting All My Time” features a western-y twang and infectious chorus, reminding of Ryan Adams stylistically, especially as the guitar solo kicks in at 01:45. “Time Wise” works off thunderous percussion and some very psych-friendly guitar tones, the pulsating sound touting an anthemic quality and the vocals emitting a suaveness reminiscent of The Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner. Another highlight, “Tabula Rasa” is the darkest-sounding of the bunch, a confident vocal swagger existing alongside a brisk rhythm section and ominous guitar reverberations. Tarantino would probably dig it, too.

There’s a bunch of great stuff on the album, though my favorite is likely “Matters of Fact”, which integrates the group’s psych-rock and alternative tendencies with the crispest vocal usage yet, with trickling guitars and a more spacious overall vibe resulting in the most infectious to date for the group. If anything, these four tracks show ample stylistic range and a knack for hooks, which makes it no surprise that the debut succeeds as a whole.

Mike Mineo

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