Blushing – “Tether”


“Tether” is an excellent piece of songwriting from Austin-based Blushing, who interweave elements of dream-pop and post-punk for very nice results. The track touts a nice structural particularly in verse to chorus; it begins with a gauzy form of serene shoegaze-y bliss, with the effervescent burst of energy around 01:15 into the more rock-centric hook being wonderfully executed and providing a sense of stylistic diversity – between atmospheric ’80s rock and more modern forms of contagious rock – that reminds me strongly and favorably of Frankie Rose and TOPS. The “can we escape together” hook is superb. I’m fond of that hook on its own, and it’s especially effective when surrounded by the shoegaze-y verses and the blissfully crunchy guitar emphasis at 02:30. The drugged-out bridge at 02:52 adds even more atmospheric appeal, again reminding of TOPS. “Tether” is gripping from start to finish. It comes from the EP of the same name, released earlier this month. More tracks available here.

Mike Mineo

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