Joan Torres’s All Is Fused – “Demiurge”

Bassist and composer Joan Torres has been honing his craft as a musician since even before he was a teenager, studying  jazz with a number of noted players (Tony Batista, Oscar Stagnaro, Matthew Garison) as well as earning a scholarship to Berklee. After about a decade of collaborative experiences, he formed Joan Torres’s All Is Fused, releasing their first album in May 2012. They debuted their third album in San Francisco this past June 24th, with that release – Of the Musical – now available on Bandcamp. It’s an engaging release whose sound is accessibly summarized on “Demiurge”, where a lively range of lush guitar stylings, vibrant rhythms, and a gorgeous brass-laden conclusion show why Juan Torres’s All Is Fused is an appealing project for anyone seeking up-and-coming jazz acts.

Stream the album in full below:

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