Magdalena Bay – “Neon”

Inspired by ’80s ballads and roller disco, in addition to being fit for late-night drives and moody nostalgia, “Neon” is a fantastic new track from Magdalena Bay. This duo has it down pat, stylistically — specifically in how they weave from a more subdued, stabbed synth verse into an undeniably infectious hook, where gripping female vocals emerge alongside the devastating trickle of an effervescent fit-for-the-’80s synth. The brass at 01:46 is a wonderful atmospheric touch as well. Chromatics certainly come to mind as a comparison, though Magdalena Bay seem to have more fun with their hook creation.

On the less nocturnal and more pop-centric side, another recent release of theirs – “#wastehistime” – does its style quite wonderfully:

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