Blue Heart’s Revelry – “Virginia”

Blue Heart’s Revelry are a five-piece out of Easton, Pennsylvania with a penchant for riveting, folk-laden Americana. Their new album, Until You’re Gone, features eight memorable tracks — and is available for streaming in full below. Charismatic vocals and fluid musicianship are on display on each track, with highlights including “Violence”, “Coffee and Cigarettes”, and “Virginia”. The latter does a great job of showcasing the talent quintet’s sound, with Dan Stevens’ vibrant string work providing a melodic backbone to the bouncy acoustics and lead vocals, which remind fondly of The Waterboys’ Mike Scott and that group’s general folk-laden arsenal in general. The central hook, which pleads “I’m sorry Virginia, I just tried to make it work,” pours with emotion and heartfelt charm. It’s one of many memorable tracks on this very impressive release.

The band is presently playing a variety of shows to considerable acclaim, around the Easton area.


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