iamalex – “You Wasn’t Silly”

“You Wasn’t Silly” rides on an irresistible groove, lush with a symphonic tinge and flourishes of soulful vocal samples. The project of Alexander Christoph Wiese, the 25-year-old’s musical creations began when he was 13 or 14. Influenced by a heavy intake of hip-hop, he was smitten by the versatility of acts who could “play as a string quartet, they plays drums like a rockstar and play the bass like a blues bassist, so back then I thought they were doing everything themselves, but years later after watching documentaries I got the point” — particularly, that sampling played a big role. His love for infusing samples into his own work was born a few years ago, and since then he has been refining a very striking sound. “I still love trying to make everything from scratch,” he explains, “but I love the way of sampling, because it’s like a game to me, trying to create a new thing from something existing, it’s like solving a puzzle.”

“The song “You Wasn’t Silly” is me trying to create a new perspective, more hiphop-ish of the old classic from Valerie Simpson, “Silly, Wasn’t I”.” He has certainly achieved that, and his upward trajectory seems imminent.

Mike Mineo

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