Posted February 28, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Jaguar Purrs – “White Roses”

Another new one from Jaguar Purrs (who recently impressed with “Future Visions“), “White Roses” is a just-released track that follows up their debut EP. This one touts a twinkling effervescence and crawling bass, with suave vocals that alongside the arsenal concocts a soundscape that reminds of wintry The Walkmen tracks, like a more slower-paced take on “Rue the Day” and “We’ve Been Had”. The chorus, with crunchy guitars and an uptick in vocal melancholy, does well in distinguishing from the verses — helping serve as a centerpiece in a well-done track. It’s yet another fine track release from a new group that are starting out 2017 in splendid form.

Mike Mineo

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