Pekoe Cat – “Test”

Pekoe Cat is a new act bursting at the seams with creative energy, on new track “Test” reminding strongly of early Ariel Pink with the creative lo-fi vocal production and melodic development, alongside a galloping percussive psych rhythm reminiscent of Tame Impala. A yearning croon at 01:40 signals the entry of the central hook, with a thunderous psych guitar descending upon the layered sound at 01:48 to really lift things up. Somewhere between colorful lo-fi Ariel Pink pop and expansive psych-rock, “Test” finds considerable success in its fully consuming presentation.

The track comes off Pekoe Cat’s new album Digital Chaos, one of the more impressive new releases of 2017 thus far, with gems ranging from the psych-folk pull of “Superstore” to the colorful “Rollercoaster Ways”, which sports some nifty Animal Collective vibes:

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