Saint Mars – “Ocean Blues”

Featuring Massive Attack guitarist Angelo Bruschini, “Ocean Blues” is a successfully moody track from Saint Mars, a UK alt-rock/dream-pop act fronted by vocalist Marc Darcange, who has a commendable tendency to alternate between ethereal lushness and emotional intensity. This track features shimmering keys during the verses, with a multi-layered vocal approach emerging during a very solidly constructed chorus. Darcange and Bruschini met backstage at a Massive Attack show in 2014, with the two teaming up for this effort. They released a 4-track debut EP that includes this track, and is a prelude to their first LP, Celesteville, a concept album chronicling a boy’s experience with bullying. Trickling guitars and powerful vocal production highlight a very striking chorus here, hopefully an indication of the hook-y and atmospheric abilities to be showcased on the upcoming LP.

Mike Mineo

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