Sweet William – “My Connection”

Based out of New Haven, Connecticut, new indie-rock act Sweet William shows considerable charm on new track “My Connection”, which they recorded in their basement and released last week. It comes off their new album What You Feel, streamable in full below. The track shifts from a jubilant of sorts wordless enthusiasm early on, into a emotive folk-laden approach that reminds of Bright Eyes, initially in terms of tone. There’s a yearning strain in the vocals thereafter, the alternation between the more subdued and excitable vocal approach working nicely.

The group explains more: “Musically, this song emerged from a chord progression written by the track‚Äôs singer, Sam Goodwin, overlaid with a melody created spontaneously by Mike Cotter while jamming with the chords. Lyrically, we (Sam and Mike) collaborated closely in attempting to capture a feeling that the music put in us. To us, the song is about the ephemerality of childhood, and the reality that life is possible only by letting go of all your ideas about who you are, and just giving in to the truth of feeling.”

It’s a nice track that consumes fully throughout its 02:49 runtime, as well as providing good indication of what to expect throughout the rest of What You Feel:

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