Bolinas – “Vacation”


In a seemingly never-ending winter, Bolinas’ “Vacation” is a track that should sweep you away to warmer, more pastoral pastures. The dream-pop quartet showcases some supremely serene vibes here, with lush atmospherics reminiscent of their “’80s and ’90s U.K. forebearers” in the lush vocal nonchalance and shoegaze-y guitar jangle. It’s an arsenal that reminds nicely of Wild Nothing, though here with an even more tripped-out dose. “I guess you caught me lacking any ambition / It’s just so nice, always feeling like I’m on vacation,” Chris Thomas sings, referring to the topic of “being emotionally not at home” of the track. Despite that sort of displaced lyrical theme, this track is very cohesive and carressing. The swirling guitars and dazed vocals make for an excellent track, which shows Bolinas – comprised of singer-guitarist Chris Thomas, bassist Phil McGinn, keyboardist Danny Torres, and drummer Dwight Stannard – as a band to really keep an ear out for.

Mike Mineo

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