Dog Trainer – “Graffiti”

NYC trio Dog Trainer impresses on their new track, “Graffiti” with a range of lo-fi acoustics, natural percussion, and vintage synth whirring– a preview of the act’s upcoming EP Apartments, out on March 31st. Initially formed by 22-year-old Nicholas Greenberg as a solo project, Dog Trainer evolved into a trio, now including Lucas del Calvo and Charlie Culbert. The project wears DIY on its sleeve lovingly here, though as is known — that doesn’t translate into something dull at all. Quite the opposite, actually. Although the song is quaint in tone, it features a number of excellent moments, namely a great hook in various facets (“don’t let the paint drip”), various interesting synth tones (emerging around 01:25), and a gripping second half that combines aspects of lo-fi guitar-pop and synth-pop into an endearing, yearning concoction. This is a job well done from Dog Trainer, whose upcoming EP seems poised to impress.

Mike Mineo

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