Posted March 2, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Edward & Graham – “Menomonee Road”

On “Menomonee Road”, basic southern-tinged folk beginnings evolve into a expansive chorus, where various vocal layers and electric guitars come into the fold in a way that’s very anthemic. A guitar solo around 02:30 adds an extra dosage of enjoyable suaveness. These memorable moments are courtesy of Chicago-based folk/Americana duo Edward & Graham, a new act comprised of Johnny Edward and Evan Graham Dunn. Edward has two songs and a cover rotating at SiriusXM, and Dunn is frontman of tech-metal group Alaya (signed to Basick Records UK), so they’re far from newbies — and it shows. “These are songs for the person who doesn’t want to admit they like country and for the country fan that needs something fresh and exciting,” explains Edward. It’s a nice summary of the project’s sound, one that manages to cohesively blend elements of folk, rock, and country for an enticing result.

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