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PolyAnna – “Alien Baby”

PolyAnna was formed in Brooklyn, NY in the winter of 2016 by two bedroom producers, Austin Emerson and Samir Dahmani. Their debut album Known: Unknown was recorded during the summer of 2016 using now-obsolete equipment. The last track off that release, “Alien Baby”, is a captivating 7+-minute epic that does well in showcasing the project’s lofty talents. Various guitar tones and pace dominate the first section, a psych-friendly slab of goodness with melodic whimsy and spacey production appeal. The reverbed vocal emergence at the two-minute mark, alongside the galloping rhythm section, reminds very fondly of Tame Impala and soaring contemporary psych-rock acts. The emotive increase about 30 seconds later brings back to the warble-y, stuttering guitar effect from the intro, coinciding gorgeously with the soaring, anthemic vocals. Everything beyond that works equally as well, from the lush bridge around the five-minute mark to the relatively jazz-y percussive addition that helps cap things off. “Alien Baby” is a colorful and eclectic effort with ample personality, showing off PolyAnna’s multiple strengths well.

Stream the rest of Known: Unknown below:

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