Simen Mitlid – “I Don’t Care” + Vacation”

Simen Mitlid’s upcoming album has been preceded by three singles, the first being “Vacation” and the most recent “I Don’t Care”, released on February 24th. The singer/songwriter from Oslo, Norway has a very refreshing sound, with airy vocals (complemented by serene backing female vocals on “I Don’t Care”) that soar and flutter, especially across the “la-la-la”-ing over acoustical jubilation on this track, in particular. “I don’t care / We’ll all be gone soon anyway,” he repeats in the song’s closing section, a hint of grimness amidst a very harmonious and otherwise effervescent melody and instrumental arsenal. The vocal tone reminds of a more restrained James Mercer.

Another album track, “Vacation” was released last year and pursues a more retrospective, building-up sound reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens. Key twinkles and string flourishes emerge during a chorus, which speaks volumes to Mitlid’s impressive melodic grasp for fluttering ear-candy. “La-la-la”-ing is here as well, though here as a lead-in to a wonderful burst of acoustical intensity around 01:35 that comprises the effort’s most resounding hook. Yet another fine example of developmental songwriting, both these efforts show that Mitlid’s upcoming album is certainly one to look forward to.

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