Sonny Pursall – “Feelin’ Feline”

Aberystwyth-based Sonny Pursall has a new album out called Bread Rolls, which merges jangly guitars, charismatic vocals, and playful lyrical themes – not too distant from the work of Mac DeMarco or Travis Bretzer – for a very fun listen. The themes claim to “juxtaposition cat lifestyles with cliched love songs”, which is easier to get engrossed by than it initially sounds. The album’s second single, “Feelin’ Feline”, shows this well; Pursall suavely struts his vocal presence, over crisp and jangly guitar licks that work wonderfully, from the full-bodied verses to the slight trickle during the hook. Speaking of the hook – “yeah, I know the feeling” – it’s a fully infectious one, irresistible in full when the higher-pitched backing vocals hit. It makes for a slice of blissful jangle-pop, one that shows Pursall as a gifted songwriter with lyrical and vocal charm, in addition to no issues on the hook-manufacturing end.

Stream Bread Rolls in full below:

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