Sterile Jets – “Fireside Drive”

Sterile Jets recall ’80s and ’90s punk and alt-rock with their raw, loose vocal approach and take on societal discontent — not too distant from names like Fugazi, Butthole Surfers, and Melvins. New track “Fireside Drive”, the first single off their upcoming album No Gods No Loss (out May 4th), features the emotive lead vocals of Robert Bly Moore, who maneuvers around a bouncy bass line and grinding distortion. The alternation between more subdued verses and a jolting climax makes for an exciting effect, with some concluding Voltaire quotes adding to the authentic societal edge. Look for similar intensity when the full-length drops this May.

The track’s music video is equally entertaining. “The video is based almost entirely on a bunch of clips, movies, and PSA’s that are in the public domain,” Moore explains. “I edited it down into a loose story, that matched the building tension of the song. The song is about a girl B.ILL was really into, but when he found out she wasn’t into him, the song (and video) took a darker turn.”

Mike Mineo

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