Tom Woodward – “Beautiful Shadows”

With a timeless sound that fits within the haunting realm of Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen, Tom Woodward’s music shows a haunting assortment of sullen guitars, distant keys, and quivering vocals throughout his new track “Beautiful Shadows”, off his new album of the same name. Woodward has spent time living, touring, and busking through a variety of countries, ranging from his native Australia to the U.S. and Japan. He’s currently on the south coast of New South Wales, where he spends nights in a tent above a beach. Living a true artist’s life, his passions bleed throughout the entire release. “Beautiful Shadows”, in particular, features a chorus that finds his vocal emotions uptick over the subtle emergence of haunting keys and a slight string dissonance. The verses creak along effectively, though the chorus truly stars as the emotional shift-bringer. It’s a stellar track on an album full of them. Stream it in full below:

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