Posted March 27, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Vie En Ville – “Telenovela Queen”

Insanely catchy, the new track “Telenovela Queen” Vie En Ville builds initially on a steady glistening piano and an anthemic vocal presence reminiscent of The Killers’ Brandon Flowers. It’s a recipe that hooks immediately, and gets even better when the hook hits at 00:53, where bouncy rhythms collide with an uptick in piano-laden intensity as the vocals assume a looser, even more charismatic form — more in the vein of Aqueduct’s David Terry. “This is the second single I’ve released with this project, and I was going for a dancier, ’80s disco vibe based on some really shiny keys and an aggressive chorus,” Vie En Ville explains. “I know The Bee Gees don’t get a whole lot of love in the music press, but i was actually pretty inspired by tracks like “Tragedy” that just had a huge, shameless chorus.”

Hook-y and fun, “Telenovela Queen” is a winner.

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