Posted March 21, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Young Earth – “Got A Secret”

“Got A Secret” is a fun, peppy rocker from Young Earth, a group out of Dublin that specializes in both bouncy rock/pop tracks (like this one) and more atmospheric finishings, all with an emphasis on enjoyable hooks and anthemic choruses. Although not defying any sort of stylistic norm in a grand way, Young Earth craft a joyous-sounding form of infectiousness that should appeal to both fans of more vintage and contemporary rock. “Got A Secret”, their first single of the year, is marked by a bustling chorus with lyrics speaking confidently of moving on — capped off a blues-tinged, distorted guitar emphasis. It’s a fun and to-the-point effort that shows fine songwriting work from this Dublin-based act. Find the track on Spotify as well here.

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