Cuesta Loeb – “Grass It Grows”


“Grass It Grows” is an invigorating single off Cuesta Loeb’s debut EP, Dive. With lyrics emphasizing the need to let things occur naturally and without force, the tranquil vocals begin with “Let me be / Let it flow free / Fight the need,” as crunchy guitars and a melodic bass line. Everything from the guitar tones to the vocal approach reminds very fondly of the ’90s alt-rock heyday, the “ooh-ah” chorus here merging aspects of shoegaze and grunge-tinged alternative with just the right amount of oomph. The chorus – featuring the first few handful of lyrics, and built up by swelling guitars – is deliciously executed. This is a nostalgic and purely infectious effort from the project of NYC native Christina Cuesta Loeb, who comes from a musical family with her parents being world-renown jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb and Spanish singer-songwriter/actress Carmen Cuesta. With a classical background and a budding interest in songwriting and production, she’s clearly fast on the rise, helped by this excellent effort.

Mike Mineo

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