Entrelacs – “Hope” (feat. Elise Mélinand)

Entrelacs is a project chock full of atmosphere and magical songwriting. The Paris-based project is comprised of sound engineer Olivier le Solliec and sound designer Tam Rush, in addition to the whimsical and child-like vocals provided by Elise Mélinand. The trio works beautifully throughout their debut album, which is complete and will be released in the near future. The track “Hope” comes off that release, and showcases the group’s simultaneously haunting and effervescent sound. The first minute or so rumbles into action, with faint crackling and growing synths padding the emergence of her vocals. The sparkling effervescence begins at 01:35, showcasing a gorgeous melody additionally accompanied by Beach House-like guitar tones at 02:25. The track seems to be in three acts, with the final showing a darker and more melancholic vein of the preceding effervescence. It’s a strongly consuming and adventurous track, one from a project that’s one of the most striking aesthetically I’ve heard in recent memory.

Check another track, “Underneath”, as well as the video for “Hope” below:

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